The RentExpress Story

Almost half of Indian private landlords don't use letting agents and sometimes struggle to find great tenants.

So we build a new type of lettings agency tailored for self-managing landlords.

What`s different about RentExpress?

Our landlords get involved, doing some of the work themselves. They meet tenants personally for viewings and sometimes even shoot their own photographs..

In return, we let their properties to fully referenced tenants from without charging a single pie. No renewal fees, no surprises.

But that`s not the whole story.

To re-invent the lettings agency we had to dig even deeper.

First, we removed unnecessary expenses like fancy high street offices, the fleet of cars and annoying letters posted to every house in the neighbourhood. Then we made some basic changes like allowing our landlords to speak to tenants personally and arrange their own viewings. Sometimes our landlords even like to shoot their own photographs, which is fine by us.

We started thinking big. Letting agents charge high fees because they only let a few properties each month. So we launched RentExpress nationally, finding local specialists across the India to help us deliver a great service.

We got serious about efficiency and spent three years studying every part of the letting process, like handling tenant enquiries or instructing photographers; and we designed better ways to complete them. Our unique operations system helps our team to complete tasks perfectly, the same way every time.

But customers don`t care about our systems; they care about service. We`re open seven days a week, and when we say we`ll do something we don`t forget. We do whatever it takes to give our customers an amazing experience. If we don`t deliver we give them their money back. No arguments.

And it`s working. RentExpress is growing quickly, largely by word-of-mouth. And given we let over 5,400 properties last year, we think our customers must be saying some pretty nice things about us. The feeling is mutual.