How long will it take to get my property online?

Every property we advertise has to be checked by a human to make sure it meets the rules set by the sites we advertise on. Once that's done, your property is advertised online. So it's normally live well within 24 hours; if not, we'll be in touch.

Can I edit my ad once it's gone live?

Certainly. You can change rent and deposit amounts, edit your description, add or remove photos - everything except the address of the property (if you've made a mistake with that, please contact us and we'll change it for you).

Do you deal with property in...?

We deal with rental property everywhere in the India. We don't deal with overseas property or sales (yet!).

Do you deal with commercial property?

Yes we do.

Can I use and my local lettings agent?

We're happy for you to do so, though you'll need to check your agency contract. Most allow you to use multiple agents, but some don't.

I run a small lettings agency. Can I use you to advertise on the big portals?

Sorry, no. We can only advertise on behalf of landlords, not for other agents.